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About Ruel March 24, 2010

Posted by semikaljunkie26 in Narcissistic Tendencies.

Ruel entered the University of the Philippines Los Baños in June 2000. Hoping to become a writer, he took up Communication Arts, a 4-year degree course, and spent a great deal of time reading Jessica Zafra, composing essays, acting on stage, drinking beer, smoking a pack of cigarettes each day, and figuring out how to pay his apartment rent. He considered math and natural science subjects as brain-stimulating, pulse-quickening adventure with extreme prejudice. And due to the overwhelming feeling brought about by solving algebraic expressions and balancing chemical equations, he made himself believe that quality education takes time. Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts slowly became a 5-year degree course and with only one academic unit left on his final semester, simultaneously he began working for a call center and finishing his manuscript.

One of the university rules states that freshman students are not allowed to join any type of school organization. The Office of the Student Affairs thinks that a student’s initial year in the university is a period of adjustment. Being the unconventional person that he is, he joined UP Oroquieta, a duly recognized varsitarian organization of Lucenahins in UPLB, on his first semester. The following semester he entered the UPLB Com Arts Society where style and substance combine; where love and hate collide; where plasticity is sometimes a virtue; and where gender-bending is considered normal. (i.e. girls love girls, gay loves men, men love lesbians, fraternity boy loves soc hunk, et al.)

Prior to living a life in UPLB, Ruel finished his primary and secondary education in Sacred Heart College Lucena City, one of the premier Catholic institutions in the country. Daughters of Charity nuns supervise the students, and it is without doubt surprising to know that Ruel graduated from that school in March 2000.  He has memorized The Act of Contrition, The Seven Sacraments, The Apostle’s Creed, The Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, Hail Mary, Our Father, Angelus, The Morning Prayer, The Noon Prayer, The Three O’clock Prayer, The Night Prayer, and all other types of prayer the Catholic Church expects its believers to seriously internalize. All he knows is that he believes in God who does not thrive in expensive sanctuaries dressed in fancy looking costumes with all the sequins and beadings. He believes in a God who can not be impressed by swanky candles and donations. He plainly believes in a God that dwells in us that you can talk with even using the worst kanto language you know.

Until now he keeps vivid recollections of his younger years. At age fourteen, he first fell in love.  He was thirteen when he began smoking and drinking. He reached the Grand Finals of Battle of the Brains at age twelve. His very first article was published when he was eleven. At age eight, his mom left for abroad and since then he knew the definition of independence. Five was his age when he almost died of an accident. He learned to read at age four. He learned to pray and scribble on walls at the age of three. He began uttering syllables and a few sensible words by two.    

Born on October 29, 1983 in Lucena City, Ruel has set out to disprove that things in life are naturally born. He has always been certain that a person is not naturally born to become somebody. What he means is that skills are learned and developed; there is a little room for success based on any so-called natural qualities. Yes it is possible to be born with a natural aptitude to sing high-pitched ballads and to gain success from developing such talent. But life is not a talent; it is an ability. It must be acquired and mastered. Life is more than a cute smile. At least this is what Ruel thinks.      

He still doesn’t have direction in life. Well, like everyone else.



1. malaking tatay M! - March 25, 2010

Ruel is GOD

2. jegegoy - March 25, 2010

bravo! 2 thumbs up! itaguyod ang karapatan ng mga manggagawa!

3. steven - March 26, 2010

a 4 year degree course that took you 5 years to finish in UPLB is pretty normal

4. Puds=) - March 26, 2010

Good read russ ..very nice=)….the writing structure was particularly appealing =)

5. Ria - March 26, 2010

Nice. Very nice. So, write more so I could read more. ^.^ And, sumali ka pala sa Battle of the Brains! Mahusay. 😀

6. Louis - April 30, 2010

Pwedeng-pwedeng ghost writer sa mga blogs ko. Good reads. Hehe.

semikaljunkie26 - April 30, 2010

pwedeng pwede!!! i have read your stuff and funny sya boy! napapasmile na lang ako sa tapat ng monitor. lalo na yung naging escort ka pala. hahahaha!

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