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I’m Not Sure If They’d Understand English But This Is For the “Dura” Gang October 11, 2010

Posted by semikaljunkie26 in Barbarism, Blackberry Curve 8520, crime, dura gang, Ranting.

Today is the day I express my extreme, solid hatred against the people who took my phone. In a bulky chunk of a paragraph I will tell you why. It happened on a late Sunday afternoon, October 10, 2010.

I got off MRT Magallanes from Cubao after bringing my good friend Bong a box of dessert from my mom. I took a jeepney going to PRC since I was planning to attend the Mass at Don Bosco Chapel before going home. I took the front seat beside the driver. After a minute, a guy sat beside me. I didn’t mind him because I was busy planning what to do after the Mass. Besides he looks like he hasn’t eaten for days and doesn’t have an idea what a facial cleanser is. Moving on, the jeep took off. After a couple of minutes, someone from behind gave a loud sneeze. He asked the driver to stop. While he’s stepping out of the ride, the guy at my back said that I have spots of phlegm on my shirt. Being the calm guy that I am, I just took my hanky and started wiping even though I was already on the verge of puking. Little did I know that it was the exact moment when the guy beside me took the opportunity to open my messenger bag and swiftly grab my Blackberry. I was done cleaning all the spots of phlegm when all of a sudden they asked the driver to stop in the middle of the road. The driver just stepped onto the brake like a robot. Seconds after the three guys got off, I thought of looking at my inbox for messages then I realized there’s no more phone to check.

My BB Curvey!

I wasn’t able to say anything. Right then and there, memories of my one-month old BB Curve 8520 crashed into me- the contact numbers, the saved messages, the random photos, the addresses, the awesome songs in my Music Player…what else…oh yeah, the reality that I was able to buy that mobile phone out of my earnings. Ladies and gentleman, that gadget didn’t come free.

Ironic it may seem, before when I hear news about mandurukot, I used to think na tatanga tanga kasi yung nadukutan kasi nagtetext sa kalye or showoff or something to that effect. Now that it happened to me, hindi pala sya katangahan. May mga tao lang talaga na mapagsamantala sa kapwa.

Now, never will I understand why some people resort to stealing other people’s hard-earned gadgets. Never will I accept the reason that they can’t find a decent job to put food on their table dahil for crying out loud ang lalaki ng katawan ng mga taong nagpasasa sa perang pinagkakitaan after mabenta yung ninakaw na phone ko. They are the human version of parasites because I don’t even think they pay taxes. Why would they involve the working class to their misery? It’s not our fault that we have some things that they don’t have. That doesnt’ give them any right to make us perfect targets for such barbaric act. Never will I understand why there are creatures like that in this world. And never will I honor if those criminals would say that they had no proper education, that they’re deprived in life, and that they don’t have a choice. Dudes, we always have a choice.

To those people who were victimized by the Dura gang, one way or another, what they did to us will swing back to them in a very nasty, morbid manner. For now I am hurting but this too shall pass. I know Karma is digital.



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