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1. I am currently working as a CRM Specialist in an American company specializing in developing Accounting Softwares. The job requires me to kick my brains out but hey it pays the rent so no reason to complain.

2. I definitely find bliss in mundane chitchat with colleagues and friends with topics ranging from World History and Philosophy (echos lang) up to kababuyan at kabalahuraan. I favor the latter.

3. You will never starve with me because I am a good cook. I’ve got a long list of specialties that include Adobong Sitaw, Sinampalukang Manok, and several pasta dishes.

4. I’ve got around 50 books waiting to be touched. Kumusta naman! You see I have this stupid habit buying books but not really reading them. I just find being sorrounded by books very intellectual. Well, kunyari lang! But don’t get me wrong, I have read all Jessica Zafra books, all Lualhati Bautista novels, and most Sidney Sheldon and John Grisham masterpieces.

5. Last May, I have joined my very first fun run. Believe it or not, I finished a 10K run in an hour. It’s nice that many people are now getting hooked into running because it truly develops not only the physical, but also the inner well-being. Seeing the ‘Finish Line’ is like seeing the gates of Heaven.

6. Watching movies is something that you can’t take away from me. If the film is extremely appealing with matching rave reviews, then I’ll definitely fly to the movies. If the film is appealing to me but with so-so comments from critics, I’ll just download it via Bittorent. If the film is not appealing at all, then don’t expect me to do anything. If you force me to watch it, I’ll slaughter you by the ticket booth.

7. I have more than a thousand tracks on my MP3 playlist. Music is absolutely something I can’t survive without. I don’t really have a specific genre. I listen to anything.

8. I extremely dislike attention-seekers and attention-grabbers, pretenders, pessimists, freeloaders, and bummers. You guys get a life!

9. The Lord has blessed me with a good family. They may not be perfect but they sure bring out the best in me.

10. Through time I have developed maturity and I can attest that we really can’t please everybody. Before, I used to think so much of what other people will say or think about me. Now, if you don’t like me, f**k you.

11. Should you feel the need to explore me more, see me in person.



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