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Leaving on an Airplane August 23, 2010

Posted by semikaljunkie26 in Labor Pains, Ranting.
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With all the recent turmoil going on between PAL and its prime pilots, I’m exremely sorry if your flight has been cancelled. I know you just want to close that business deal in Davao, or take a vacation in Cagayan de Oro, or spend time with your family in Bacolod. You have your own reasons for flying and I respect that you are furious. Our pilots have their own solid reasons, too. And I respect them, too.

Many of our pilots have decided to leave the country and accept offers abroad. They’re now getting fatter salary, attractive benefits, travel perks for their families, and better airplanes to work with. International airline companies normally give around Php150,000-Php300,000. My college friend Charisse works as a flight attendant for Emirates Airlines and she’s taking home Php150,000. What more are their pilots? Now, for the others who opted to stay loyal with Philippines Airlines, their only request was to have their Php80,000 monthly pay increased even just a bit. Sad to say, Philippine Airlines, our country’s leading carrier, can’t see the point in giving such increase. This is what’s unattractive. Most employers here in our country don’t invest on its people as their only concern is to earn for themselves. In effect, many professionals tend to pack their bags, thinking they could get better chances in life if they are anywhere but here.

Knowing the work ethics and professionalism of the Filipinos, in most cases we end up succeeding against foreign counterparts. What I love about Filipinos is that we always take pride in everything we do. However, the growing number of people leaving is extremely alarming. Our Department of Labor and Employment should deal with both public and private employers and set the wages by making it in line with neighbor countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan depending on the field of expertise. If the government can’t do something about this, please refrain from pulling out huge amount of taxes from our monthly salary. We love our country and our country should love us back. Let’s not wait until all the good ones are gone and what’s left are those unemployed, underqualified, or not qualified.